Thursday, April 5, 2007

Little intro

I honestly don't know whether anyone will ever read this, or if it'll ever be worth reading, but here's a go, anyhow. If things go badly I'll just delete myself off the blogosphere and no one will know the better.

I claim to be pretty new to knitting, but the truth is I've been knitting for almost three and a half years now, but I've only just made the leap beyond scarves and into more exciting things, like purses. (oooh)

The minute I learned how to purl, and that it was possible for me to do something other than back and forth in straight lines, I went into a bit of a frenzy for the craft, and here I am today, adding one more to the already massive pile of knitting blogs.

Soon enough there'll be pictures of things I'm working on, and things I've finished, but I'm not in too much of a hurry. Other than my yarn addiction, I'm a student at UCSB, graduating this June (hooray!) and also a beginning YA author, but that's another story, and another blog.

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